SPY has had lots of scalping opportunities I thought it might be interesting for some to see where those are found. These are the scalps I made today in my cash accounts, small positions each time. I used the 2minute, 5minute chart and hourly chart, bollinger bands, and the 5ma and 10ma. Along with support…(Read More)

Don’t forget, with SPY or any stock, that you need to be checking not just the intraday 5m/hourly charts as well as 15m and 30m charts, but also study the daily, the weekly, and the monthly charts. You need to know where key support and resistance levels are. Also remember the 5ma and…(Read More)

If you studied my fibonacci guide from Monday and practiced it, you will have been able to accurately call the bottom of many stocks today. And pivot points as well It should be no surprise, after you practice fib lines, how they line right up with your pivot points and other areas of support/resistance…(Read More)

—————— TUES JULY 24 —————— Google earnings interrupting my put play, their earnings were huge too. Right now SPY is wedged between the 5ma and the 10ma. Based on the weekly trends this should be a period of consolidation and retraction. But building a base here could also be a launching area for bigger movement.…(Read More)

THURS JULY 19 Futures pulling back overnight, basically stocks just flat after a big run. 280.05 still support and holding but is the key line like it was yesterday to defend. My guess is SPY is sideways today before moving more unless we get a breakout at open. The pattern leading into today is…(Read More)

First of all, this is my first blog post in almost exactly four months. I’ll write another post on why that is and what happened, but for now you can sum it up to in a hurry to make money. This is a sin and the fastest way to lose money in the market…(Read More)

Ustocktrade will be getting some new desired features. One, is candlestick charts in the app as opposed to the line chart the app used to have. They have published a 5-minute intraday chart, a 1 month chart, 3 month, 6 month, and 1 year chart. Nothing amazing but definitely beats what Robinhood has and…(Read More)