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How To Get the Latest Beta Version (Current 18) of TC2000 at Startup

Version 18 of TC2000 is out, but it’s still technically in beta. I had a problem getting the new version to load on my computer because I had set my default in the beginning to not load the beta version, only version 17. I did this because at that time several months ago version 18 was still a little buggy, but now it is stable and I want to use it while I’m in class.

(download the latest version of TC2000 here)

While at the training seminar here in Raleigh, one of the trainers showed me a quick way of getting the latest version.

  1. Right-click on the TC2000 shortcut icon on your desktop
  2. Click “open file location”
  3. You will see a file named “StartSettings.dat”
  4. Right-click and delete this file

And boom! Now open TC2000, and you will have the option of choosing the beta version startup.

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