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I trade options and stocks, primarily $SPY options day trades. A lot of people helped me along the way and this blog serves to document what I've learned to help others make money in the stock market.

Trade Idea: $MYSZ Triple Top

Update 3-19
This has made several failed attempts to maintain a high above 1.81. I would not buy in unless it closes and opens the next day above that line. The lows are still higher so you could play it as it moves upward but there isn’t much profit to be made there.

Update 3-16
$MYSZ tested a pop over 1.81 and got rejected, though it looks to be climbing back to retest that resistance level. It’s still consolidating so you could ride up to 1.80 and wait for the pop, or just wait for the pop.

This is a stock we have all played before and it looks ready for some action here. There were a lot of big bids around $1.78 today and it finished the day with a triple top (see chart below). If it can break this top we could see anywhere between $2.00-2.25 depending on where you find resistance on your chart. For educational purposes only, watch and only trade if you have a game plan. It tested $1.81 a few times today but couldn’t break it, if it can break it tomorrow I expect it to run. Afterhours activity shows it might do just that.


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