Sir William Wallace
I trade options and stocks, primarily $SPY options day trades. A lot of people helped me along the way and this blog serves to document what I've learned to help others make money in the stock market.

You don’t need to make 10 trades a day to be a profitable trader

You/me/anyone here can not control the market. What we can do is look and wait for good trade setups to come to us and play what’s a winnable high percentage trade. Not all trades will win. But over trading was one of my weak areas. I work full time like many of you so I don’t get to make a lot of trades, but I don’t have to. I made one trade today at 3:50pm and closed it at 4pm for a 25% winner. Yesterday I made one trade for a 580% winner (that doesn’t happen often). But you won’t get there by just eating alerts, you need to learn to hunt what you eat. That’s the reason I’m here after so long. Get in the training. Stay up late studying when you’re not working. TOS has an ondemand feature that lets you mock trade with real time data from any moment in the past, test your knowledge and ask questions. If you fail, you are responsible. If you win, you are responsible. But most of all be patient. Learning how to be successful takes failures that you learn from and experiences to teach you. If you’re unsure, wait. You will watch a lot of good trades go past you but it’s okay, That experience will help you know what to do when you do jump in. But one thing I can promise, if you’ve been here less than a month or two and looking for someone else’s alerts it’s not the alerts it’s you. Be patient, get training, and it will come like it has for many of us.
And don’t take the it’s you the wrong way. Every person in this group has the ability, you just need to be willing … and patient. And if you are then you will be successful

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